At the Corner of Madison & Woodburn

At the Corner of Madison & Woodburn



Branch is a restaurant developed by The Littlefield Group (Chad Scholten, Michael Berry, Shoshannah Anderson, Matt Distel, John Ford). Our executive chef is Shoshannah Anderson. With over thirty years of restaurant experience, Anderson grew to love cooking from her grandmother. Her food is flavorful, soulful, and is simply put, what she likes to eat. Branch’s woman-led kitchen inserts creativity and high quality into every service.

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In 1921 Central Trust opened the doors of their first branch in Walnut Hills. The bank was opened and managed by Robert B. Trame with his colleague, John J. Early as its guard. Trame and Early were familiar faces in the neighborhood and beyond, known for their warm welcome and fine service. The bank was a cornerstone of the growing East Walnut Hills/Walnut Hills neighborhood, even though a place for financial transactions, it was a place for the community to gather and meet.

80 years later, Branch and Night Drop offer a warm welcome to East Walnut Hills, Evanston, and all of Cincinnati. The new restaurant and bar echo the bank’s role as a community gathering spot.